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revolutionizing the fanny pack with modern style and convenience

  • Created by a team of designers with experience designing lines for some of the world's most high-end fashion brands
  •  Made from premium pebble leather, our belt bag can be worn around the waist or as a crossbody
  • Flap silhouette provides easy access and perfectly sized to store your phone, cards, and keys
  • Portable battery pack for on the go charging needs 
  • Earphone access hole
  • Zippered privacy pocket to secure cash and valuables
  • Interchangeable strap 


    Through our 14 years of experience with mobile accessories, we knew there was a major disconnect from what big retailers were offering and the wants of real people everywhere.  With customer feedback and frustrations of our own, we set out to develop a line of mobile and travel accessories where price, style, and function all aligned. This has been our mission and we refuse to settle for anything less.

    Here's how:

    Small Batch Production

    We know that premium production starts at the source and we're thrilled to have partners that care about quality as much as we do. With facilities in 5 countries and manufacturing experience spanning over 30 years, we can focus on the details that are often overlooked in volume-centric manufacturing.

    Style & Function

    Our design team has worked with some of the largest brands in the fashion world and although trends are fleeting, style is not. Our products seamlessly integrate into the contemporary and modern lifestyle with the functionality most requested by our customers.

    Direct To Consumer

    How do we make high-quality products more affordable than anyone else? The answer is simple, we sell directly to you. By controlling every aspect from product design to development, we have the opportunity to create prices retailers could never dream of.




    “Mobovida retains control over the customer experience, product quality, and branding, enabling it to sell high-quality products for less”

    "Mobovida analyzes customer feedback in realtime..."

    “Mobovida incorporates an innovative product development model fueled by constant testing”

    2016 Recipient of Oracle’s Prestigious Markie Award for “Best Emerging Company”