February 09, 2017

Learning how to let go or get rid of something is never easy. However, the concept of decluttering helps us to get rid of things that maybe weren’t allowing us to let go. So let me help you start this spring on the right foot.

The easiest places to begin are the one’s we can’t see inside of. I’m talking about the clutter that fills our closets, drawers, and cabinets.

Declutter unnecessary items you don’t need and you’ll be surprised at how much easier it is to let go. Ask: "Why am I keeping this? Is it currently serving me a purpose?"

When it comes to closets I live by the year rule.  Besides those fancy cocktail dresses, if you haven’t been able to wear something in over a year, it’s time to let it go.  I know you are planning on slimming down to fit back into those high school jeans but why???

Chances are you don’t need it and it’s just taking up space.

T O S S  or  D O N A T E :
1.  Mismatching socks

2.  Old paper clutter.

    Trust me, you won’t need those old documents from past jobs or even older school projects.

    3.  Discolored, damaged or ill fitting clothing items.


    4.  Dirty old make-up.

      You’ll never need to wear that disco pink glitter eyeshadow ever again.

      5.  Old sweatshirts from high school or college.


      6.  Tupperware that doesn’t have a matching lid.


      7.  Junk mail.


      8.  Nasty shower curtains.

        Get your butt to Target and go by a new one. You might as well think about it as a facelift for your bathroom.

        9.  Childhood toys and mementos.

        Keep one for memory sake, toss the rest.

        10.  Outdated or broken electronics.

          This includes those chargers and broken iPhone cords you were keeping around just in case.

          11.  Letters from old significant others.


          12.  Weird kitchen gadgets you will never use.

            Like that Mickey Mouse shaped toaster you go in an office white elephant game. Let. It. Go.

            13.  Tattered old towels.

            14.  Clothes you haven’t wore in the last year.


              K E E P :

              1.  Family photos.


              2.  Old or vintage fashion magazines.

                Use them as statement decorative pieces.

                3.  Tax returns.


                4.  Unique items you’ve collected over time.

                  Think things that remind you of a certain time and place. Give you good feelings.

                  5.  Old CDs you really really love.


                  6.  Classic clothing pieces.

                    These are simple pieces with classic silhouettes. Items you can always rely on to make you feel confident in your own skin.

                    7.  Reusable bags in GOOD condition.


                    8.  Handmade quilts or blankets made by family members.


                    So, in the great words of Queen Elsa, “Let it go.”  What items will you be getting rid of?

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