June 10, 2016

Who doesn’t love the weekend? After a long week of hard work, all of us were ready to relax and sit back with one of our favorite drinks. As much as we all love the classics, sometimes it’s great to add your own twist.

Tim, one of our photography and design wizards, turned us on to his version of a cocktail staple: the Old Fashioned. He swore up and down that it would not disappoint. We were skeptical at first, how do you make an Old Fashioned even better than it already is? Can you even still call it an Old Fashioned if you’re adding something new? We had so many questions, but we discovered that there was only one answer that mattered most.

Pure maple syrup.


By adding pure maple syrup into his Old Fashioned instead of reaching for the simple syrup, Tim took a tried and true bar favorite and made it his own. The maple adds a richer flavor and a slightly thicker texture that pairs beautifully with the whiskey, which gives this classic cocktail some new life.



2 oz Bourbon or Rye Whiskey (Tim’s favorite is Rye)

1/2 oz Pure Maple Syrup

Bitters, to Taste

Large Ice Cube

Optional: 1/2 Orange or Lemon


Measure out 1/2 oz maple syrup into whiskey glass

Add a couple dashes of bitters to taste

Top with 2 oz of whiskey (he prefers Bulleit Rye)

Gently stir

Add the large ice cube, and give it another stir to chill


If you like your drinks on the lighter side and not quite as thick—perfect for those warm Summer evenings—you can take the juice of half an orange or lemon, strain it to remove any pulp and seeds, then add it to your drink for a more mellow experience.


Tim made us believers, so we hope you try out one of our new favorite twists on the Old Fashioned and let us know what you think! And always remember to drink responsibly.


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